“In attempting to understand the Piaggio P180 Avanti II, you need to begin by forgetting everything you
thought you knew about turboprop-powered airplanes”.

 Flying Magazine: April 19th 2012
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Quietly Exceptional

The Piaggio Avanti is unlike any aircraft you have ever flown in.

The instantly recognisable lines of the Avanti are more than just beautiful and distinctive. The Avanti’s advanced aerodynamics are the reason for its efficiency and speed, low operating costs and supreme comfort.

Exceptionally Quiet

The superb aerodynamics and unique design make the Avanti supremely quiet inside the spacious cabin.

For further comfort sea-level cabin pressure is maintained to 24,000 ft, rising to only 6,600 ft at the aircraft’s 41,000 ft ceiling, so you disembark fresher for the day ahead.

Exceptionally Spacious

The innovative design enables a luxurious stand-up cabin, 5ft 9in tall and 6ft 1in wide, far more space and comfort than many far more expensive jets.

So forget about squeezing into a tiny tube – in the Avanti you have the space and comfort to truly enjoy your flight.

Exceptionally Green

The advanced design leads directly to impressively low running costs, significant fuel savings and lower emissions.

As aviation comes under pressure to reduce its carbon footprint, the Avanti is a a choice you can feel good about in today’s world.

Exceptionally Fast

Speed matters. Shorter flight times mean less cost, and less environmental impact.

The Avanti is the world’s fastest turboprop – as fast as many far more expensive jets.  With a maximum speed of 402kts (463mph, 745kmh) the Avanti is even better for you, your passengers, and your budget.

Exceptionally Priced

All these innovations mean reduced operating costs, without sacrificing comfort and style.

You don’t have to compromise to fly at a sensible price, you simply have to choose to fly in the world’s most advanced, comfortable and stylish aircraft, the Piaggio Avanti.

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