A Route 1 Share is the most cost-effective way to fly in the next generation Piaggio Avanti EVO.

You buy a share in a brand-new aircraft – the size of share depends on the number of hours you want to fly.

The programme has a very simple structure. The fixed costs that are just a part of owning an aircraft are shared between the owners as a Monthly Management Fee.

When you fly you simply pay the costs you incur.

A daily fee for pilots, a fixed hourly operating rate, and the direct costs you incur, such as landing and handling, navigation fees etc.

We don’t average them out, which really means you subsidise others.

There is no cheaper way to fly.

We take care of all the complicated stuff, and leave you to enjoy the flying.

If you’d like to know more, please call us. We’ll be happy to explain the details of how the share programme works.

Of course you can take a test flight to see for yourself the superb Piaggio Avanti. Once you’ve experienced it we’re sure you’ll want to join our exclusive group of members.