Route 1 Aviation is part of Fractional Jet Europe Ltd, the only independent fractional aviation specialist in Europe, founded in 2008 by former NetJets Senior Vice-President Chris Moody.

Chris was part of the team that in 2002 launched the first 25 hour jet card in Europe, the Marquis Jet card, which was acquired by NetJets in 2004.

Our expertise in all aspects of the fractional jet market make us uniquely placed to launch a new and different programme.

We created Route 1 Aviation as an answer to the relentless escalation of prices on current fractional programmes – and so you can put some style back into your flying at a sensible price!

We chose the Piaggio Avanti EVO because it is a beautiful aircraft that offers a unique combination of speed, performance, and comfort.

It is a technologically advanced aircraft with a proven, safe and reliable history behind it, and provides a level of comfort and sophistication at a price a comparable jet simply cannot match.