AirGo is one of Europe’s most experienced operators, with a pan-European fleet comprised exclusively of the Piaggio Avanti II.

In 1999 they were the first operator in Germany to hold a European AOC (Air Operating Certificate) under the then brand new European JAR-OPS regulations, and were also the first to be approved for a ‘paperless cockpit’, an important step in reducing pilot workload.

AirGo has been operating the Piaggio Avanti since 2003, giving them an unrivalled level of experience in all aspects of the aircraft’s operation.

Their crews have many thousands of hours of accumulated experience, and include captains qualified as Type Rating Examiner and Type Rating Instructor.

The logistics of operating a share programme are very different to ad-hoc charter, and require a high level of expertise and a sophisticated management system.

There is no-one better qualified in Europe to fly you safely and securely on the Route 1 programme on the next generation Piaggio Avanti EVO.